Jay E. Adams

by William Paul

(Bible Editions & Versions – Jan/Mar 2001)

Jay E. Adams, a Presbyterian minister and native of Baltimore, is a graduate of Reformed Episcopal Seminary (B.D.), Temple University School of Practical Theology (S.T.M.), Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Missouri (Ph.D.). During his extensive academic career, Adams majored in Greek and Psychology.

He has served as Professor of Homiletics, Counseling and Practical Theology, at Westmin­ster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (1963-1983) and Professor of Public Speaking, at the University of Missouri. He is Founder of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation of Laverock, Pennsylvania, and Editor of its publication The Journal of Pastoral Practice. He presently serves as Dean of CCEF’ s Institute of Pastoral Studies, and is active as a lecturer at ministerial conferences throughout the world.

Adams has also pastored United, Reformed and Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in Western Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He served as a counselor at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (Hatboro, Pennsylvania) for a time.

Adams published a unique New Testament translation, designed “as a working tool that may be used during counseling sessions,” titled The Christian Counselor’s New Testament. A New Translation in Everyday English (Grand Rapids, 1977). In this work Adams had printed with bright yellow highlighting, all passages which treated any phase of counseling, with the topic it dealt with in noted in the margin. Explanatory footnotes also contained information regarding possible practical applications. It appeared in a revised edition in 1980, and also as The New Testament in Everyday English (Grand Rapids, 1979), the latter edition without the counseling helps.

Some of Adams’ renderings in his The Christian Counselor’s New Testament are: “Be saved from this twisted generation” (Acts 2:40), “God so loved the world that He gave his unique Son…” (John 3:16), “…unless a person is born again he cannot see God’s empire” (John 3:3), “…that their faith may remain healthy” (Titus 1:13), and “…those things have no value in keeping the flesh from satisfying itself” (Colossians 2:23).

Adams also authored Competent to Counsel (Nutley, New Jersey, 1970), The Christian Counselor’s Manuel (Nutley, 1973), The Big Umbrella: Essays and Addresses on Christian Counseling, Christian Counselor’s Casebook (1974), Pastoral Counseling (1975), Christian Living in the Home, Pulpit Speech, The Time is at Hand, plus numerous booklets.