“Standard” Bibles

by William E. Paul
(Bible Editions & Versions – Oct./Dec. 2004)

The word “Standard” has long been a popular word for referring to the “normal” or “generally accepted” product in the business world. Where several commodities have been on the market, each somewhat different from the others, the word “standard” came to be used of the one that was viewed as the most “reliable.” and therefore the one upon which everybody could utilize in full expectation that it would be accurate, dependable or trustworthy.

Even in the world of Bible translation, there are those who have made use of the word “Standard” to designate that their work was, in some sense, the “norm,” or “accepted” version. The following are some of the numerous Bibles that have carried the word “standard” in their titles.

Oxford Standard Edition (1769)
American Standard Version
Revised Standard Version
New American Standard Bible
(1971, 1995)
New Revised Standard Version
The Anointed Standard Translation
(1995, 2001)
Federation Standard Version: Good News for the Warrior Race
International Standard Version
Holman Christian Standard Bible
English Standard Version